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Tourist Places in Mount Abu

Mount Abut  which is set amidst lush surroundings of Aravali hills at an altitude of 1,220 m above the sea level, is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan. he physiography of Mt Abu bears quite a distinction from the rest of the state. The places features productive lands and a pleasant climate. The place lies, comparatively, at a higher altitude and is the is the lone hill station in the region around. The place is what can best be described as Cool. The road that leads to the place is rocky and arid. One finds a lot of odd shaped rocks piled along the roadside. Mt Abu is a very famous pilgrimage centre in the state. The place is believed to have been blessed by the sages and saints that travelled to this part of the country. Located here are some important shrines and temples of Jains and Hindus. It enjoys a cool and pleasant climate all round the year with temperatures hovering between 21 degrees to 33 degrees celcius during summer and between 11 degrees to 28 degrees celcius during winter, offering much-needed relief from the heat and dust of Rajasthan. Besides its exceptional scenic beauty, Mount Abu is also famous for its 11-13th century Hindu and Jain temples. 

Dilwara Jain Temples: 
The most famous tourist attraction in Mount Abu, the Dilwara temples were constructed between 11th and 13th centuries AD. Sacred to Jain, they are considered masterpieces of temple architecture. The Vimal Vasahi temple in the complex is worth mentioning as the temple took around 14 years to complete and is dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain tirthankaras. These beautifully carved temples in white marbles are dedicated to different Tirthankaras. One can also see intricately carved images of female figures in dancing poses on some of the 48 pillars.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
Declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1960, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary located on the Aravalli mountainous ranges forms another major draw of the hill station. The park acts as a reservoir of the rich biodiversity of the place, including exotic floral diversity as well as endangered wildlife variety. In fact, it is the best place to witness rare species of plants and highly threatened species of animals. 

Nakki Lake: 
Nakki Lake is a beautiful picnic spot in Mount Abu. According to the legend, the lake was created by a Hindu God using his nails, and so derives its name Nakki (nail) Lake. The lake offers breathtaking view of surrounding hills and offers ideal spot for boating. 

AchalGarh, sometimes spelt Achalgadh, is one of the many beautiful medieval monuments that can be found in the picturesque Mount Abu, located in the desert in the state of Rajasthan, India. It was commissioned by Rana Kumbha, the esteemed designer who was responsible for many huge fortresses in Southern Rajasthan. Achalgarh is just 8 Kilometers from the main Mount Abu town and is well connected by road.

Guru Shikar: 
Guru Shikar is the highest peak of the Aravali range, located at about 15 km north-east of Mount Abu. It's an important Hindu pilgrimage site, worth visiting on your Mount Abu Tour. 

Sunset Point
Even though the jagged landscape of Mount Abu holds many lookout points, nothing beats the charm of watching the beauty of the hill station from the Sunset Point. Enveloped by undulating vegetation all around, it offers enchanting views of the setting sun. Besides, speckled with trinket shops and food stalls, the place remains huddled with lot of tourist activities, especially during the evenings. 

Museum and Art Gallery
Located at the Raj Bhawan, the Museum and Art Gallery of Mount Abu with its rich assortment of antiques and museum specimens is one of the most frequented tourist hotspots of the hill station. Divided into two amazing sections, the various exhibits of the museum range from tribal huts, tribal ornaments, tribal weapons to ancient paintings and sculptures. The most outstanding of all collections are the delicate statues of Devdasis and the Nartakis. 

Mount Abu - Best Time to Visit
The natural beauty and the lovely landscapes of mount Abu invite tourists throughout the year. Though Mount Abu is the perfect retreat in the summer months for the people from the plains and the deserts. This leads to increase in tariffs in all the hotels, restaurants and transportation charges. All hotels in Mount Abu are available at half rates and the best of rooms can be yours for a rate that suits your budget during winters though.

With its exclusivity and beauty, Mount Abu bustles with year-round tourist activities. Therefore, the place dots with various hotels, resorts and guesthouses, in order to furnish accommodation options to its visitors. In fact, hotels in Mount Abu are many, some of the most notable being the various Landmark Heritage Hotels such as Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Hotel Connaught House and Hotel Palanpur Palace. Deluxe Heritage Hotels like Palace Hotel - Bikaner House is also worth a stay. Besides, Hotel Hillock (Four Star) and Hotel Hilltone (Three Star) are notable for their grandeur and comfort. On the other hand, Hotel Shikhar and Hotel Parash New are some of the finest budget hotels of the place.

Other famous attractions in Mount Abu include the Gaumukh Temple, which derives its name from a sculpted cow situated in the temple compound, Adhar Devi Temple and Shri Raghunathji Temple.

How to reach Mount Abu
By Air : The nearest airport to Mt Abu is the one at Udaipur. It is about 185 kms far from the place. There are regular and connecting flights that serve to connect Udaipur with the rest of the country.

By Train : By train one can avail the services from Abu Road, which is some 25 kms away from the place. The train services connects Mt Abu with many cities and towns of Rajasthan and beyond Rajasthan.

By Bus : The road network that hooks up the place with the adjacent cities and towns is quite good. Long distance bus services are available. Important stations from which buses are available are Ahmedabad and Jodhpur.


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