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Dilli Haat, Delhi

Situated in the heart of Delhi, the unique Dilli Haat is an upgraded version of the traditional weekly market, offering a delightful amalgam of craft, food and cultural activities. However, while the village Haat is a mobile, flexible arrangement, at Dilli Haat, a permanent Haat, it is the craftsmen who are mobile and ever - changing thereby offering a kaleidoscopic view of the richness and diversity of Indian handicrafts and artifacts. It would be quite customary to find dancers in tradtional costumes swaying to the strains of folk music.The overall impression on entering Dilli Haat would be of having set foot into a 'mini India'.

The handicraft stalls are allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen from all corners of the vast and varied land of India, usually for fifteen days Thus ensuring that different handicrafts are available to visitors at each visit, and also enabling them to buy authentic wares at prices that have not been inflated by high maintenance costs. Shows promoting handicrafts and handlooms are held at the exhibition hall in the complex.


  Akshardham Temple
  Azad Hind Gram
  Bahai Temple
  Birla Mandir
  Dilli Haat
  Garden of Five Senses
  Humayun's Tomb
  India Gate
  Jama Masjid
  Jantar Mantar
  Lodi Tomb
  Parliament House
  Purana Quila
  Qutub Minar
  Safdarjang Tomb
  Red Fort



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