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Purana Qila, Delhi

When the second Mughal emperor Humayun decided to make a city of his own he decided on the site of the ancient city of Indraprastha. The Purana Qila (Old Fort) stands on the site where the ancient city of Indraprashtha is believed to have existed. Archeological evidences such as pottery dating back to 1000 BC, found within the fort premises support the premise. Pottery of similar nature has been recovered from other sites associated with Mahabharata. Also the fact that until early 20th century a village called ‘Indrapat’ existed in this area substantiates the theory.  Humayun was quite a scholar with a fine grasp on such matters and so it is certain that the site was chosen deliberately.

The most attractive tomb in Delhi - Humayun's Tomb also lies in this area but outside the walls of the Old Fort. Built by Humayun's widow Haji Begum in 1564, it is perhaps the most spectacular monument belonging to the Mughal period. It is believed the designs of Taj Mahal was inspired by this magnificent monument. The red sandstone and marble structure stands on a stone platform, surrounded by a garden divided into quadrants by water channels. High walls abound the monument on three sides while the river Yamuna flowed past the fourth side.  When his Sher Shah Suri overthrew him, he destroyed most of Dinpanah (refuge of the faithful) as the city of Humayun was called to make way for his own Dilli Sher Shahi or Shergarh. Incidentally, Humayun was probably the only emperor in history who built a city in Delhi and did not give it his own name – this was typical of Humayun's rather sophisticated and dreamy character. The Layout of The Massive Colossal 


  Akshardham Temple
  Azad Hind Gram
  Bahai Temple
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  Dilli Haat
  Garden of Five Senses
  Humayun's Tomb
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  Jantar Mantar
  Lodi Tomb
  Parliament House
  Purana Quila
  Qutub Minar
  Safdarjang Tomb
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