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Jama Masjid, Delhi

Near the Red Fort about 500m away is the Jama masjid, the biggest mosque in India. It was begun by Shah Jahan in 1650 and completed six years later and the whole cost about a million rupees. It is hard to imagine a building more suited to evoking the awe of the majesty of Allah in man. The mosque stands on a rocky elevation. Its huge gateway looks down at you like fastidious connoisseur from an immense platform which has steps that lead up to it. 

Facing the Red fort on the east, the Jama Masjid can be seen glittering from far away. You can reach the imposing gateways of this highly decorated mosque by the broad stairs. The chief eastern entrance was used by the emperors. They remain closed on most days of the week. The main prayer hall is located on the west side. It is adorned with a number of high cusped arches and marble domes and houses a niche in a wall that is occupied by the prayer leader. The hall is used by the devotees on most days except on Fridays and other Muslim holy days. On these days the courtyard is full of devotees offering namaaz.


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