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Baroda Tourist Places

Vadodara also known as Baroda. Barodais a graceful city of gardens,  palaces and shady avenues and has one of the modern universities in the country. Vdodara bigest city of Gujarat. It has a public park with a museum, a picture gallery and a zoo covering 60 hectares on the banks of the Vishvamitri. The museum is of particular interest as it has sections on Indian civilization and art with an imposing collection of sculptures and miniatures, folklore, natural history, ethnology and specialised sections devoted to neighbouring countries in Asia and Africa. The Oriental Institute attached to the university is known for its collection of ancient Sanskrit manuscript, particularly of the Ramayana, on which scholars are engaged in specialisd research. The Laxmi Vilas palace, the Makarpura palace, the Nazarbag palace and Pratap Vilas palace have Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The Kirti Mandir where the mortal remains of the members of the ruling Gaekwad family are laid, is built of a variety of stones and its inner walls have murals. Baroda is a leading industrial centre.

Kirti Temple
Kirti Temple is situated on the north of the statue of Prince Fatehsinhrao Gaekwad near the Vishwamitri Bridge. With a cluster of shiva temples it was built to commemorate the cremation of the members of the Gaekwad family. This “E” shaped large magnificent stone building with domes, terraces, balconies and central sikhara rising to about 33 metres. According to Sayajirao Gaekwad it was built to commemurate the benefectors of his state irrespective of their race, caste or creed. Built by Maharaja Sayajirao at the cost of Rs.50,000, it preserves in its various rooms the statues and photogaphs of the members of the royal family. The interior of this elegant structure is marble finished and on the walls of the central hall are the murals Gangavataran, battle of Mahabharat, Life of Meera and Natir Pooja-executed by the famous Bengali artist Nandalal

Sayaji Baug
Sayaji Baug also known as Kamati Baug is a well-known park located on the River Vishwamitri at a distance of 2kms from the city. Built in 1879 by Maharaja Sayajirao III, the garden houses a Zoo, Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery, the Museum of Health and Hygiene and the Sardar Patel Planetarium. The major attraction is the floral clock, situated at the center of the garden and is the first of its kind in Gujarat. The clock consists of an hour, minute and seconds hand that move on the 20 feet diameter dial and its machinery is fixed under the lawn, giving it a natural look. Sayaji Baug, decorated with sculptures placed on pedestals, is an ideal place to rest and relax with well maintained lawns and fountains. Around 98 species of trees can be seen here. Another attraction of the park is the toy train which was a gift from the royal Gaekwad family. The train that runs on a small track of 10 inch width covering a distance of 3.5 km offers a joyful trip to the children below 12 years of age. The train doesn’t operate on Thursdays.

Khanderao Market
Khanderao Market is a palatial building erected by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in the year 1906 which was later gifted to the Municipality to mark the Silver Jubilee of his administration. The architecture of the main entrance looks like that of the gate of Dabhoi Fort. The building houses many offices including the office of Baroda Municipal Corporation. Nearby the Khanderao Market, a fresh vegetable and flower market is also located. Khanderao Market, Baroda is known to house various offices. Among the offices located in the market are the offices of Baroda Municipal Offices. One can come across a vegetable market near Khanderao Market in Vadodara. The vegetable market is known to sell vegetables in retail, as well as wholesale.

Sayaji Sarovar
The Sayaji Sarovar or Ajwa lake, 22 kms from the city, is an important source of water for the city. Formed by damming of the Surya river and Vaghali Nala that started in 1885 has gardens patterned after the famous Brindavan Gardens of Mysore. The lighting of fountains is a major attraction for tourists.

Built around 1586, the tomb of Qutbuddin (Akbar’s army general) is one of the oldest Moghul monuments of the city, It has beautiful windows carved in stone. There is an ancient step-well in the large grounds surrounding it.

Lehripura Gate
Located near Nyay Mandir, Lehripura Gate is an impressive structure with beautiful arches. It was built in 1558 as the western gateway to the old city. Now-a-days this area is a busy market place selling traditional Gujarati and Marwari artifacts.

Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Gruh
Located near Jubilee Baug, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Gruh is the town hall of the city which was constructed in 1954. This fully air conditioned hall that has a capacity of accommodating thousands people at a time is used for various cultural functions. It has three dressing rooms and a statue of Mahatma Gandhi is located within the compound.

Nyay Mandir
Literally means temple of justice, Nyay Mandir, is a unique piece of Byzantine architecture by the madras architect Robert Fellowes Chisholm in the year 1896. Located at a distance of 4kms from the city besides the sursagar lake, it houses the District Court of Baroda. The central hall of the building is beautified with mosaic tiles and there is a statue of Maharani Chimnabai, the first consort of the Gaekwar Maharaja Sayaji Rao III

Sayaji Sarovar
Sayaji Sarovar also known as Ajwa lake, Sayaji Sarovar located 22 km away from Vadodara, is the main water source that was formed by damming the Surya River and Vaghali Nala. Designed by Shri Jagannath Sadashiv, the work on the scheme was started in 1885 and was completed in 1890. The earthen dam with an area of 190 sq km is 5 km in length and could store water to the height of 212 feet above the sea level. The reservoir is an ideal picnic spot with boating facilities. Near to the Ajwa lake, there is a beautiful garden that is patterned after the famous Brindavan Gardens of Mysore. The prime attraction here are the illuminated fountains that are operated on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday.



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